Lemon With A Hint Of Happy

I am working on getting a degree or two in some things at UC Berkeley.

I like Star Trek.

And bats.

And Stephen King.

And, generally, life.

Since I’m only taking 3 classes (plus my thesis) next semester I actually got to sign up for all my classes during phase 1 of telebears and now I don’t even have to worry anymore about getting into classes during phase 2!

ALSO no class on Fridays and one class each on Mondays and Wednesdays!

Senior life!?!??!!

I HAVE SNAPCHAT NOW. Any tumblr friends wanna be snapchat friends? Regardless of how much I know you!

I WISH. It didn’t look like it was super complicated so we went in all sure of ourselves but then actually got kinda lost. Deceptively maze-y

Went through a (windy) corn maze at a pumpkin farm today!

The Australian Ballet is here doing Swan Lake and I got to watch the first act of their final rehearsal at work and it was AMAZING but I’m not scheduled to work any of the shows…

Living-in-this-computer-lab-until-my-thesis-is-done-in-May face. (at Mulford Hall)

Remember, if you can’t draw a crowd, draw dicks on the the wall.



"The Perfect Crime" by Kris Straub


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I’m lovin the the new OK Go album, Hungry Ghosts, sooooo much


600 years before the birth of sabrielā€¦

I cannot WAIT to get this book and reread this series. It was so important to me when I was younger


One-Star Yelp Reviews of U.S. National Parks [mashable]

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like, you’re the same people who didn’t want to let women or poc voteĀ 

and the people who think there’s nothing wrong with the Washington Redskins logo

and those who think cat-calling is a compliment and not HARASSMENT

you feel entitled to something that only belongs to you because of centuries of systemic OPPRESSION. you do not own the right to voice an opinion and creatively add to society

How do you hate women so much that you think threatening mass murder if they speak out against harassment and objectification and misogyny in an industry is okay?

Your opinion is p important cause you’re p cool
I’ll keep it in mind

Your opinion is p important cause you’re p cool

I’ll keep it in mind

I am very much considering it. Maybe when my midterms are over